Hello World! Welcome to GiRRL Earth: Grow it. Re-use. Recycle. Love our Earth © 2011 GiRRL_Earth

The inspiration for this blog came about one day last week when I stumbled upon a blog by Broke-Ass Grouch.  Broke-Ass is my hero! Due to a significant shift in Broke-Ass’ finances, she learned to live with less, and by doing so, realized, she was living “green” and reducing her carbon footprint. I was hooked. Reading Broke-Ass Grouch’s (BAG) blogs made me realize I didn’t have to shell out lots of $$$ for food or cleaning supplies.  Her blog “Stocking the Broke-Ass Pantry: What You Need on Hand to Get by on Nathan” inspired me to join Costco so that I may reduce my shopping trips to Whole Paycheck (Foods) and Target.

I became a vegan January 1, 2011, prior to that I was a  lacto-ovo vegetarian. As a result, every week I have been dropping mucho dinero at Whole Foods because let’s face it, being a vegan can be more expensive than eating animal products.  I also drop quite a bit of dough at Target for my non-food items. All told I spend about $275.00 a week on groceries and household items (I should probably mention I have 6 cats).  Before I discovered BAG’s blog, I was frustrated and tired of working my ass off so all of my hard-earned money goes toward living and breathing. Enough already.

Now I realize there are hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of websites out there telling everyone how to live green and reduce one’s carbon footprint and hey, that’s great. Unfortunately for me, it can be overwhelming. Plus, when I stumble upon a new idea that I either figured out on my own or learned from someone else, I’d like to share it via this blog, with my friends and family, rather than posting it on Facebook.

So there it is in a nutshell: the purpose of this blog is for my friends and me to share interesting, cheap ways on how to live without spending a fortune, all the while reducing one’s carbon footprint on good ole’ Mother Earth.

What this blog is not: a political forum of any kind.

Lastly, as for the name: GiRRL_Earth. Well, I had been struggling to come up with a name for my blog. I felt green was overused so I stayed away from that. Then I tried to come up with something witty (I don’t do witty very well).  And then, tonight, while washing the cat food dishes it came to me. I’m a girl and I want to do my part to save Mother Earth. Maybe “girl” could stand for something. G for grow it. R for reuse. R for recycle (redundant I realize, but bear with me). L for love as in I love Mother Earth.  Okay so it’s not very clever and some will think it’s pretty darn stupid but I don’t care. GiRRL_Earth means something to me and hey, that’s all that really matters, right?

Upcoming Topics: Baking Soda. A Thousand and One Uses. and Method – Sorry but I am breaking up with you.



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4 thoughts on “Hello World! Welcome to GiRRL Earth: Grow it. Re-use. Recycle. Love our Earth © 2011 GiRRL_Earth

    • Thank you for the support. 🙂 Please post ideas/comments if you hear of any alternative ways of living that will not harm the earth.

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