Off-Topic: The meaning of “Woot!”

Hello Eco-Friends,

This is an off-topic post:

Some people I work with have commented and/or asked me what “Woot” means. As I used that expression in my last post about Baking Soda and often use it in everyday life as an expression.

In short, WOOT is “game-speak” for We Own Other Team. My husband is a big time MMORPG gamer, has been for years. In fact, he was heavy into Half-Life TFC Gas Chamber when we met. Shortly after we were married and WoW came out (that’s World of Warcraft to you, the non-gamer), he introduced me to the gaming world. Ashamedly I must admit, I didn’t take to WoW or any other MMORPG gaming the way he has. Steve is a natural. I prefer to channel my time and energy towards more constructive things like ballet and/or green living (hence this blog).  To that end, his constant use of game-speak rubbed off and as a result, I often find myself using it. 😦

So there you have it folks, the meaning of WOOT.  Use it well.



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