To CSA? That is the question.

Hello GE followers,

I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous Saturday in New England. As some of you know, my reason for starting this blog came about by way of Broke-Ass Grouch and my frustrations with dropping mucho dinero at Whole Foods (which I affectionately refer to as Whole Paycheck).

I am a macrobiotic vegan, so my diet consists of vegetables, grains and legumes. Oh, and fruit. I shop every Friday only buying vegetables and fruits that are locally grown, which means they are in season. Sundays are spent cooking various macrobiotic meals for the week. I will not lie, it is quite the undertaking which requires commitment.   My issue with WF is a vegan/macro girl and can drop some serious cash in that place. I never and do mean never, walk out of there having spent under $100.

Because it is too late in the season for me to start a Victory Garden. I fancied the thought of joining a CSA. I searched the ‘net and found 2 CSA’s in my ‘hood. One requires you to put in 8 hours of farm time. Sha, right! I would love to, but I’m pretty effing busy not to mention a commitment phobe.  The other CSA, with significantly less shares (62) didn’t require you to “put in time”.  Sweet!  Just one problem: there are no shares available. 😦   So I called the little farm (White Barn Farm in Wrentham) and explained my desire to join their CSA. The woman on the phone offered to put me on their waiting list. 🙂 And then, the lovely woman said, “We have a farm stand, across the street from our farm, where we sell everything that you would normally receive in your CSA box.” Score!  She gave me the farm stand hours, directions and suggested I drop by.  Friday, I boogied out of work early (with permission from my gorgeous Vogue fashion model boss), and caught an early Commuter Rail train.  The hubster picked me up at the station and we headed straight to the farm stand.  Traffic! ARGH!  Would everyone please, please, clear the road, I am on it, afterall, didn’t you get the memo?…

The Town of Wrentham feels like some tiny little hamlet nestled in-between Walpole, Foxoboro and (what the f*ck is the next town, is it Norfolk???). I grew up in Walpole, so I’m pretty familiar with Wrentham. Most associate Wrentham with the Outlets. If that is all you know about the Town of Wrentham, then you are are seriously missing out. Serioulsy. It’s one of the few towns that has maintained its quaintness.

Anyway, to get back to my story. Initially the hubster and I were not sure where the farm was located. It did feel as though we had passed it. Stopping for directions, we learned, we had not. We drove a bit further and there we saw it, the white tent. (Did the heavens just part?) We pulled in, parked, I grabbed my Whole Foods reusable shopping bag, wallet and walked slowly, with awe and fascination towards the farm stand. We entered the tent (did I just hear angels sing?) and were greeted with enthusiams by a very cute, young lad, decked out in his dirty farm clothes. Awe. His greeting was sincere. (Should I be suspicious? Nah.) I immediately liked this farm stand. I said, “Hello.” back, stating that it was my “first time“. I am a farm stand virgin. I wanted to say that outloud, but quickly figured it would probably be best to not scare him with my cynical, snarky remarks…just yet.  The young lad said, “Well then welcome! Let me know if you have any questions.”  Oh not to worry sonny boy, I surely will. GE followers, I was in Awe.  I felt like a kid in a candy shop. First I had to walk around to see everything. I needed to absorb all the abundance from Mother Earth, harvested by this young man and his family.  Then I opened my WF bag, and began to load it up with onions, zucchini, summer squash, eggplant, cucumbers, heirlooms, parsley, basily, white onions and so on, thinking to myself, “What the f*ck is this going to cost?” I hand the bag over to cutie pie where he proceeds to weigh and add up the abundance. When he was finished, he said, “$24.00” I was stunned! The first thought that raced through my head was,  I’m sorry, what the fuck did you just say? So I parroted back to him, “$24.00? Really?” Thinking, holy SHIT that’s effing CHEAP! Outloud I said, “Wow! That’s cheap.” (Editing my initial thoughts).   He laughed. I handed him the cash, he handed me my bag, feeling a tad emotional from happiness, I began to walk away when he said, “If you come on _______ days(I missed what he said, I was still shellshocked), our meat guy (?? I think that’s what he said), will be here selling fresh pork, lamb, chicken…” I immediately cut him off, not wanting to lose my farm-stand-high and said, “I’m a vegan.” so he says, “Oh, (looking down)well we have honey. Oh wait… vegans don’t eat honey.” To reassure him I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back. See you next week.” 

The hubster and I jumped into the truck, I turned to him and said, “Can you believe how much shit I got for twenty-four fucking dollars???”  His response: “Is that good? I wouldn’t know.” Of course you wouldn’t you Alien! Because you never eat veggies. Because you can eat anything, in any amount, take a crap and lose 5lbs!  Grrr.

Not wanting to lose my high, I drove off into the sunset, dreaming about what I am going to do with my abundance and how I cannot wait until next week. I hope cute farm boy will be there.   

So GE followers, the question is, to CSA or not? What’s your take? Personally, I’d rather give my hard earned cash directly to cute farm boys and their families, elminating the middle man, a.k.a. Whole Foods. Do any of you belong to a CSA? What has your experience been like?  I love that I purchased an abundance of vegetables from a local farmer.   This is the way it should be. This is the way it should have always been.

I know I promised to blog about bottled water, but I just had to share my CSA/Farm Stand story.

Until next time…

Yours truly,


2 thoughts on “To CSA? That is the question.

  1. I have always loved the farmers market, but only occasionally made it there. So I signed up with a CSA that actually delivers a box to my door in the middle of the night. Awesome, a huge box of fruit and veggies on my doorstep every week – and it encourages me to try out novel veggies.
    It’s also good for local farms as they have a reliable income stream.
    So yes I would highly recommend a CSA if you can find a good one.

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