Vintage Addiction

I know I shouldn’t have…but I just had to.  What you ask? Well, last night, after I voted (natch!),  I purchased the following vintage coat from  Another coat you ask? Yes, dammit! Another coat.   What can I say, I had to, I just did. Okay? So stop judging.  It was my moral imperative to purchase this coat. Besides the price was too good to pass up.  And you know I’m a sucker for 1950s Vintage.

This is the coat (isn’t it gorgeous!):

RESERVED 1950s Camel Swing Coat  MAD MEN  Professional Work  Attire Jackie Kennedy


…and this is the adorable seller: Klassy Klassics – Klassic Vintage Apparel  with whom I purchased the coat from.  The seller’s name is Shirley (which btw, is my mom’s name) who was not only kind enough to reserve the coat for me but she rejected an order when someone tried to buy the coat, after she had reserved it.  Now that’s customer loyalty!  Shirley at Klassy Klassics has some adorable finds.  If you love vintage as much as I do, well then I suggest you mosey on over to her sight right. this. minute… go on… go!



6 thoughts on “Vintage Addiction

    • Gosh! You’re right. I never even realized that. I suppose subconsciously that’s probably what drew me to the coat in the first place. Ha-Ha!

      I recently re-watched Desk Set with Spencer Tracey and K. Hepburn and I just love the dresses Kate and her co-stars wore.

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