Where’s Shirley’s Rock?

My favorite vintage Etsy seller: Shirley of KlassyKlassics  emailed me yesterday to say she just  rescued a starving, matted, abandoned cat, whom she is affectionately calling: TC (The Cat).   In her email, Shirley asks, “Where’s a rock? I want to throw some at that creep. Over the weekend someone dumped a beautiful Siamese in our neighborhood.”   Shirley is a girl after my own heart. Rather than throw rocks at innocent feral cats (even rhetorically and in jest) who are only following instincts, Shirley and I would like to hurl boulders at the rat f*ck son-of-a bitch who abandoned this cat. Furthermore, I would like to torture anyone who brings harm to innocent animals…yep, that’s right I said torture.

…deep breaths…deeeeeeeeeeeep breaths…


Here are some photos of TC. Shirley thinks she is a Siamese (She and I are Siamese cat lovers) but I have a sneaking suspicion, TC is a Ragdoll Siamese


Shirley, you are good people and deserve what I like to call “The Halo Award”.  Because you are an angel for rescuing this poor little baby.

Rocks anyone?  I’m going to collect a stock pile this weekend (heavy sarcasm hopefully noted).


2 thoughts on “Where’s Shirley’s Rock?

    • My pleasure Shirley.

      Please don’t forget to nudge me about those items you are holding for me – especially that dress. I had ballet class last night so I didn’t have time to go rooting around trying to find my cloth tape measure — Lord knows where I put the darn thing after moving… Argh!

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