Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah everyone!


G-d works in mysterious ways.  This past Friday while attending a lunch function, I met an Italian Jewish woman (and when I say Italian, I don’t mean, Italian-American, I mean, off the boat from Roma!).  Her name is Eugenia. She and I hit it off immediately. Turns out, she lives in the town that I moved to not long ago and she said there are is hearty population of Italian Jews in the community.  Who knew?  She invited me to attend the menorah lighting today at 4 p.m.and the gathering afterwards so that I could meet members of my community, as well as the Rabbi (who lives 2 streets over from me(!). I had such a blast.  The Rabbi’s wife asked me if I had a Menorah, to which I replied, “No.” And then she handed me one.  Everyone was so sweet and the timing of this is rather  Twilight Zone creepy because just last week I was going through a rough patch, feeling sort of alone and isolated and then bam! I meet someone from the old country and the tribe.  How fortuitous.

My first Hanukkah in my new home.


For those of you who commented on some of my posts during the weekend, I promise I will respond to you tomorrow (Monday).

Oh and Nitty Gritty — I promise to get those questions to you.  I had a busy weekend cooking and baking and didn’t have time to sit down at the computer.  😦



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      I removed my email because I wanted to set up/create a general email for this site, versus giving out my personal email.

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