Christmas is tomorrow and the New Year is nearly upon us. Perhaps now would be a good time to reflect on the past year, take stock of what you have done, what you could have done better and what you didn’t do.

Before the year is through, I plan to post my annual Gratitude Post — highlighting all that I am grateful for. If you have never done something like this, well then why not start now. In the meantime, enjoy this post from one of my favorite bloggers and take special note of the last paragraph: “Anyone who has chosen to forgive rather than hold a grudge, or show friendship rather than disdain to an adversary, cannot help but attest to the power of forgiveness. One even pities a person locked in negative, mean spirited behavior.” Perhaps 2013 would be a good year for you to let go of grudges, hate, mean-spiritied behavior and FORGIVE!

World in Motion


I want to wish everyone who stops by this site a wonderful Christmas.    But what is Christmas?   The easy answer is that it is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.   That’s partially true.   Early Christians choose this as their holiday in order to co-opt the traditional Winter Solstice holidays everyone else was celebrating.   Even traditions ranging from Christmas trees to mistletoe pre-exist the holiday’s Christian identity.

So while Christians are on solid ground proclaiming Jesus is the “reason for the season” in their eyes, we non-Christians don’t have to wash our hands of the holiday, or even phrases like “Merry Christmas.”   This time of the year remains a universal holiday, celebrating as days start to grow longer and humans find joy in the depths of winter.

Values of love, peace, joy, and forgiveness are universal.   The magic of the season transcends…

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