Six Common Objections to a Vegan Diet that Keep People from Making the Changes They Say They Want to Make

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Illustration courtesy of Bizzaro Comics

In developing my new workshop series on Overcoming Objections to a Vegan Diet, I am researching the most common objections out there. Here are six of them with some short responses. More to come in the future.

  1. Habit: “I’m a busy working mom who doesn’t have time to adapt to a whole new way of feeding my family.” Response: Once you get past the initial learning curve, it will become second nature to you.It’s time to break the “hand-me-down” habits we inherit, and replace them with habits aligned with our values of respect for animals, the environment, and our own well-being.
  2. Direct Denial: “I don’t want to know.” Response:Humans are natural truth-seekers. We especially want to know when something is being concealed from us — and why. The truth about eating animals is a classic Matrix challenge. The message of the Matrix is that the truth can be initially painful but is ultimately liberating. For a great perspective on this, see social psychologist Melanie Joy’s presentation.
  3. Pseudo-ethical: “I only buy cage-free eggs.” Response: Is cage-free anything more than marketing hype? A closer examination of the life of cage-free hens reveals  suffering on many levels. Here’s a good overview of so-called “humane” farming.
  4. Convenience: “I don’t see any non-animal-based options where I shop.” Response: Look closer. The options are out there. If you learn more about your true nutritional needs,… to finish reading, click here

2 thoughts on “Six Common Objections to a Vegan Diet that Keep People from Making the Changes They Say They Want to Make

  1. #5, actually a sub-set of #1: yeah, i’m tooo old and set in my ways. however, i am attracted to the VEGAN ‘thing’ — and am somewhat proud at least my daughter is half-way there (we convinced her that turkeys are vegetables (well, she is too smart but she pretended) so that, as parents, she’d ingest some of the familiar familial protein …)
    i heard an interview i would suspect you already know about on NPR — some “soul food” chef does it vegan!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for stopping by.

      I chose a vegan lifestyle because I cannot support or participate in any industry that commits egregious acts of abuse towards animals. I cannot eat an animal who has suffered.

      When I saw Earthlings (well part of it — didn’t have the stomach for the whole thing) I knew choosing a vegan lifestyle was the way to go.

      When I watched Forks Over Knives, I was proud of myself for being ahead of the game and making the switch.

      I care about my planet and I care about the species who occupy it and I don’t think it is fair that humans should be allowed to destroy it just because they are at the top of the food chain. If you read Blueinthislight’s post about our oceans, you will see that we humans cannot keep going the way we are going — it is unsustainable.

      Choosing a vegan life is a win-win for everyone, especially the planet.


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