Juggernauts versus Underdogs


I addressed this somewhat in my last post, so apologies if anyone finds it repetitive.  Still, the more I think about it, the more it needs saying.  There’s also been extremely recent developments that make it even more noteworthy.

In that last post, I mentioned that Bat World Sanctuary was doing extremely well, against all conventional reason and logic, in the Mozilla Firefox Challenge over on Crowdrise.  First place, in fact, and vying primarily against Jimmy Kimmel and the Ian Somerhalder Foundation without the benefit of celebrity.

I mention this again because it’s a big deal.  This is a world where labor unions are despised even by the people they purport to unite because they’ve been subverted by those they’re meant to oppose, and where the voice of a common voter only serves to have him or her pandered to when there’s an election going, after which they are…

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5 thoughts on “Juggernauts versus Underdogs

    • Those of us who care and who are able to look beyond our own selfish needs, need to stick together. Especially those of us who care about the injustices to animals and the planet. 🙂

  1. i am not …. real far from VEGAn ism…
    there is SO MUCH that can SO EASILY make me real sad.
    as i’ve ranted on “blue’s” site, human overpopulation is problem #1 and can/should be dealt with, and even < ZPG is a good idea …

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