A Little Dose of Cuteness and Really Mr. Fellowes?!?!

I have nothing to blog about today. Why? Because I am still reeling from last night’s episode of Downton Abbey. I mean really Mr. Fellowes?!?!  Couldn’t you have waited until we were a wee bit deeper into the new season before knocking me and the rest of your loyal followers for a blow?  I went to bed with puffy eyes and a stuffed nose because of  you!   😦

Early into the program, I happened to look over to my right and there on the sofa next to me was a love moment between Sammy (orange Tabby) and Azzy (Choc. Point Siamese).

Super cuteness right?

Love Moment: Sammy & Azzy

Love Moment: Sammy & Azzy

11 thoughts on “A Little Dose of Cuteness and Really Mr. Fellowes?!?!

  1. At the risk of sounding like a teenage girl, “O-M-G!” I had such a hard time going to sleep after that episode. I felt like I needed to talk to other Downton fans. I’m not going to blame Mr. Fellowes — but this twist does give me one more reason to dislike Lord Grantham, one more reason to cringe at Lady Mary’s support for him and dislike for Lady Edith, and one more reason to admire Maggie Smith. The scene where she grabs onto the wall for support, and then steadies herself and straightens up as she walks across the floor — amazing. I could go on and on and on. I wonder what next week will bring — Oh, I know, Lord Grantham will interfere in something — and he is the last person who should decide anything for anyone! (Note to self: This is a fictitious family.) 🙂

    • LOL! NGDM, I couldn’t have said it better. If I could add to what you wrote:

      Would someone please put O’Brien and Thomas in a boxing ring so they can ‘duke it out’.

      Would someone please give Daisy some big girl pants? Grow up already!

      I’m tired of “Free Bats” either hang the man or set him free.

      Mary is a kill joy.

      Lady Grantham needs to kick Lord G to the curb (and in the ass), and go back to NYC for a while.

      Edith should move to London or NYC, join the Suffragettes and live outside the walls of dowdy Dowton.

      Mary is a wet rag.

      Matthew needs to grow a spine.

      Branson, oh poor Branson…

      Lastly, would someone please tell Thomas that closets are for clothes!!!!


  2. So behind on Downton Abbey. I’ve only seen season 1. Between the kids and the hubby, I don’t get much of my own viewing in. Your cats are totally the cuteness! xx

  3. MY WIFE FOLLOWS IT REGULARLY (i still can’t see what i’m typerratingly typing, but the cursor mooves). um, she watches, i just stil nearby (cats between and upon us, B T W) so maybe eventually i’ll know “wha gwan” da wife duzz, fer shurr.

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