My Amaryllis & Downton Abbey, the Cure for Insomnia?

Someone I work with gave me a Amaryllis bulb as a Holiday Gift.  I’m not sure exactly when I planted it. I think it was during the week between Xmas & New Year’s.

Look at how well it’s doing.    🙂


Oh and is it me or was Downton Abbey a complete SNOOZE FEST Sunday, or what?!?!

13 thoughts on “My Amaryllis & Downton Abbey, the Cure for Insomnia?

  1. my wife would disagree, but i think i slept thru’ most of it. sigh. yawn.
    unrelated: but when i type replies ON YOUR SITE ONLY i can’t see what eye’ve typed ’til i “send” it. THIS IS N-visibull rite now. hmmm

    • I also received an Amaryllis bulb — my first ever. You bulb seems to be further along — but it’s a fun way to survive the winter doldrums. As for DA — I loved the episode, although some of the story lines are rather dull. Personally, I cannot wait for the Bates plot to be over and done — but I loved the big scene at the lunch for the ladies. It’s about time his Lordship was put in his place. And then, of course, there is always the sly grin on O’Brien’s face as she sets up Thomas for a fall. And if I were Daisy, I’d take the farm and start a blog about it. Oh, wait, computers and the Internet are a ways off. I’d write a book, instead. Cheers!

      • I’m not sure if it is happening to anyone else but I assure you it is nothing I have done on this end. Maybe your browser needs to be updated. I use Google Chrome (free download) versus Internet Explorer.

      • I think I have figured out the problem. When I view my blog in Internet Explorer, it looks like sh*t and does not appear at all like the way I designed my blog. However, when I view my bog using Google Chrome, it looks exactly like the way I designed it. I think the issue likes in the browser. Try viewing my blog using Google Chrome.

    • I should be the one thanking you for stopping by and checking out my blog. Most don’t care for the types of issue I blog about, that is to say, Animal Cruelty Stories. 😦

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