First Light Productions

Location: the Southwest Livestock Auction & Slaughter Horse Feedlot
Date: 3/10/12
Address: 24 Dalies Road Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031
Owner: Dennis Chavez 505-865-4600 505-866-0149 fax
Sale Schedule: Cattle Auction: Saturdays @ 12:00 noon Special Horse Sales 4 times/year.

Dennis Chavez

is New Mexico’s largest kill buyer. According to USDA records, he uses the export pens at Santa Teresa directly across the border from Ciudad Juarez to transship close to 10,000 horses each year to Mexican slaughter plants. Some of the plants still slaughter horses with the inhumane Puntilla knife method, a barbaric practice that leaves the horse fully conscious during the slaughter process.

The investigation was triggered by numerous complaints Animals’ Angels received about the treatment of the animals at the feedlot. Photographs & reports received from an anonymous source showed multiple incidents of inadequate care & extremely emaciated horses.


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