My Meals for the Week (March 11-15)

Soooooooooo, I meant to post this earlier in the week. Unfortunately, I just never got around to it.  I think part of the procrastination was due to my wondering why I should even bother to post this when…well… it’s not that interesting.  Besides, my blog really isn’t about vegan cooking, not when so many other fabulous bloggers do it so much better than I could ever dream of.   (To name a few:  Vedged Out; Dispatches from the Gypsy Roller; An Unrefined Vegan; In Vegetables We Trust; BonzaiAphrodite; and The Post Punk Kitchen.)

This particular recipe is something I go back to when I am pressed for time and need something I know I can throw together quickly without much thought.  Normally I do all of my cooking on Sundays; however, last Sunday I wasn’t able to which meant I had to cook Monday night after work. READ:  I was cooking my meals-for-the-week at 7:30 pm! Yah, not ideal but sadly this is my life.  Generally speaking,  I usually do not arrive home from work until  7:00 p.m  😦   Unless… by some freak chance I am able to leave the office before 5:30 pm. — occasionally miracles do happen, you know.       😉

Also, rather than post something about animal exploitation and ruin everyone’s weekend, I figured I would end the week with what I’ve been eating.

I give you:

Kale & Vegan Chorizo Soup with [no oil]  Sautéed Kale & Porcini Mushrooms seasoned with Shoyu and Gomasio [Full Disclosure: I always spell this word wrong!]

Soy chorizo & Kale SoupSauteed Kale & Porcini Mushroomsphoto

It’s not fancy, but it fills me up, makes me feel good and isn’t that all that really matters, at least when it pertains to food? 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  🙂

GE 2013

6 thoughts on “My Meals for the Week (March 11-15)

    • Thanks. I have a few recipes listed under my recipe tab but I also nick ideas from VedgedOut and DispatchesfromtheGypsyRoller. Both of these gals have really easy vegan recipes to follow. I don’t always follow them to the letter but they give me a great starting point. Also, thanks to VedgedOut I just learned about another great vegan blogger: I think her site will be really helpful to you.

      Also 2 years ago when I converted, I had read the book: The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone and I also follow her blog: The Kind Life. Her book and her site really helped me as well.

      Feel free to ping me if you ever need help with transitioning.


      • Thanks for the tips GiRRL! I’m excited to start. I’m going slow to encourage my husband to jump on board too…this week we’re doing NO more red meat.

      • That’s terrific news! Baby steps. Start following bloggers who blog vegan recipes as it helps a lot, especially during the transition.

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