Holy sh*t, I used to be a Betty!

August 2002

I can’t believe this is me? I look so young (and to think I thought 35 was old!).

Over the weekend, I (finally) unpacked some boxes (READ: small boxes) from having moved last year.  One of the boxes contained photos, some in picture frames, some still in the photo envelope.  Naturally, I became engrossed in looking at all the photos when I happened upon this photo (see above).  That picture was taken at a former friend’s wedding in 2002.  I was 35 in that picture, my husband (at the time)  was 37. We had just gotten married a few weeks before that photo was taken.

HOLY CRAP time flies.  And to think I’m going to be 46 next week.



7 thoughts on “Holy sh*t, I used to be a Betty!

    • Why yes I am an Aries. Ha-Ha!

      Thanks for the compliment. I cannot believe I am pushing 50! Indeed where does the time go my friend?

      • I think I left my time back in the ’80s! 🙂 I think as long as we keep on moving, growing, and learning. From one Aries to another, Happy Birthday!

      • Haaa! Haaa! Well my friend, you are not alone as I too am stuck in the ’80s – music-wise anyway (definitely not clothing!). 🙂

        Thank you, Happy Birthday to you too!


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