Here’s my quarterly (or monthly…or daily…) reminder to stop using unsustainable palm oil.  Palm oil demand leads to the 4 Ds — deforestation, destruction (of habitat), death (of critically endangered species, like the orangutan), and displacement (of indigenous human forest inhabitants), not to mention an absolutely insane increase of global warming gases into the atmosphere (these forests are carbon sinks).

Here’s a potent graphic I found from somebody who posted it in protest (a man after my own heart) on’s Facebook page (a pro-palm oil site, if you can believe that) that gives some info on how to avoid it.  (Not sure who to credit for this graphic but it’s certainly due him/her.)

(I swear, this heartbreaking photo of what was once probably a majestic, intelligent and proud orang — and what its Indonesian home has now become — is enough to make me hate mankind forever.)

But remember:  if you boycott companies that use unsustainable palm oil you…

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    • CONFESSION: I bought Oreos for my birthday soiree on Saturday and I found out they contain PALM OIL!!!!!

      I feel like such a jerk.

      I still have some EB in my fridge but I won’t replace it. Sniff back atcha.

      Well, I guess you and Annie will have to come up with something and sell it for us lazy folk who don’t have the talent or time for creating amazing stuff like you do. 🙂

      • Hey, remember how you told me that you will be featured in a pamphlet by Mercy for Animals? Well I received an email from Animals Australia. They asked me if I wanted to be featured in their next Ad Campaign. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not special — they’ve asked a whole bunch of animal rights activists. Of course they asked for a photo. 😦 And, as you know, I don’t have anything recent or decent so I sent them the one that I use for my Gravatar.
        Oh well… it sort of looks like me.

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