Further developments on my “Cake Day” (birthday)

Today is my cake day (birthday) as previously posted.  One of my co-workers ordered vegan cupcakes from a local bakery to celebrate.  While we were all standing around stuffing our faces with refined sugar and flour, one of my (younger) co-workers asked me if I had any plans to celebrate.  I told him that my Ex and my buddy Wheeza are coming over on Saturday and we are planning to have a Carol Burnett Night. [He looked confused]  I told him that not too long ago, I had purchased from Time Life the Collector’s Edition Carol Burnett Box Set and seeing as we were all born in the ’60s (and grew up on Carol Burnett) we are going to eat, drink and watch Carol Burnett re-runs.


Do you want to know what he said next?




Now I feel OLD!




18 thoughts on “Further developments on my “Cake Day” (birthday)

  1. I believe it…I work with much younger folks quite a bit. I used to watch those re-runs probably in elementary school–I think they were on every day. Especially in the early darkness of winter. I might have to find some episodes now. Happy Birthday!!

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