Off Topic: Hair

Call me crazy, go head I can handle it, but this morning I have decided to grow my hair out despite having just gotten it cut as outlined in this post.

I know! I know! I know what you’re thinking, “WHAT?!?!

Please bear with me.  I cut my hair because I thought it would be easier — well, it isn’t.  Err, let me back up a second:  in some respects it is easier in others it is not.  I have had various versions of a pixie since May 2011 and there is one immutable truth: short hair requires major upkeep.  If I go 5 or more weeks between haircuts my stylish pixie starts to look like I have chronic bead-head and not in a night-of-hot-passionate-sex-way that only comes with long hair.  It has been 5 weeks, count em five as in cinco, since my last haircut and this morning I woke up looking like I was wearing a shark fin on my head (major grinding my melon into the pillow look).  Plus, the nape of my neck is looking really scraggly so I either need to make an appointment and have my hair cut or suffer and grow it out.

Confession:  I sooooooooooo miss the days when I could wake up on a Saturday morning and pull my hair back into a messy ponytail.  With short hair, no matter what I have to toss some water on my head and do some smoothing.

I have had long hair longer (no pun) than I have had short hair and now that I have experience with both looks, I do feel longer hair allows more flexibility in terms of the frequency for maintenance.  With long hair, I could go months on end without a haircut, with short I go every 4-5 weeks.   I doubt I will go back to having really long hair like I used to in this photo, rather I am thinking perhaps a nice chin or above the shoulder length would be good.

Now for the worst part.  Growing. It. Out.  UGH!  I’m cringing just thinking about it.   😦

Thanks for reading my rant.


Your ever devoted crazy animal rights activist.


7 thoughts on “Off Topic: Hair

  1. I hear you! I’ve been around and around on this, too. Currently my hair is about chin length and curly. I have to wash/wet and style every day. I can go about 8 weeks between cuts. Unfortunately, long hair just doesn’t suit me. Better stock up on bobby pins!

    • I have curly hair also, which is the problem. A co-worker who sits on another floor has a pixie and yet she can go 7 weeks between cuts because her hair is straight. As her pixie starts to grow, she looks French. Then again, she is only 26 years old so naturally she’s adorable irrespective of her hair. The longer my hair grows the curlier it becomes which makes my pixie look like a flipping mess! I’m thinking, with my curl, it may be best to go just below the chin.

      I’m going to have to stock up on everything seeing as I ditched most of my long hair paraphernalia. 😦

      oh well.

    • I just ran into a former co-worker and told her I was going to grow out my hair (she has curly hair like me) and she recommended this product line.
      Of course, if it’s not vegan, I won’t be using it so I need to find out if it is cruelty-free.

      From one curly gal to another… I thought you might appreciate the link.

      • Thanks! I finally had time to check the site out and there’s so great info tucked away in there. My stylist has been trying to get me to flatiron the curls for a couple of years now, apparently embracing what you’ve got isn’t in her lexicon. I end up looking like Hillary Clinton on the 2008 campaign trail! Were you able to find out if the products are cruelty-free?

      • I used to fight my curls, but have since embraced them, well, um, that is before I decided to chop them off.

        Hilary Clinton, as in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits? Yikes! Not a good look. Ha-Ha!! 😉

        You know what? I completely forgot to check on that. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

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