Help Me Understand…

…how someone could do THIS to a dog?  What the FUCK is wrong with people?????????????????????????


Severely Neglected Puppy Found


The Animal Rescue League of Boston is requesting your help regarding the severe neglect and abuse experienced by a 5-6 month-old puppy found shivering in Dorchester late this morning by a FedEx driver. The League’s Rescue Service Team responded and found the dog, which has been named Oliver Twist.

Read the rest of the story here.

Source: The Animal Rescue League Boston

8 thoughts on “Help Me Understand…

  1. Good on that Fedex driver.

    And there’s probably no understanding it. I could speculate, but it would probably be inconsiderate to be that extremely cynical on someone else’s blog.

      • Oh, well then. I apologize in advance if I get any of this froth in my mouth on your blog.

        I guess I see morality as either a weak or nonexistent influence on most people. It’s not what I want to see, which only makes me more confident that I’m right, since it rules out bias. There’s lots of pretty words about honesty and generosity, tons of stories where the good guys suffer and sacrifice for the good of others, but we don’t hold those people up in real life, we hold up wealthy powerful people. Nine times out of ten, one doesn’t become wealthy and powerful by being generous, or even fair, and stories aren’t real. Worse, we scorn the unfortunate. The lower classes are just about the only group left that’s still cool to openly discriminate against, and I know those that do would say they choose it, that they could lift themselves up. That’s not true, though, and even if it were, not everyone can be doctors; somebody’s got to man the factories that make syringes and x-ray thingamajigs and bandages and whatnot for those doctors. So even if college was free, even if everyone had the intelligence of a neurosurgeon, we’d have to force a lower class to exist or nothing would function. And if people were forced, through no fault of their own, to be in that lower class, those who weren’t would still look down on them, and the lower class would look down on itself.

        That’s just an example to get to my point, though…those are fellow humans that we share biology, culture, society, history with, and nevermind racism and every other form of prejudice. If we can’t respect even our own species, some poor little dog doesn’t stand a chance. Or the environment. It almost makes me think that people like you or me are the ones with something “wrong” with us, since we seem to be the ones deviating from the baseline.

        Well, wow, that was worse than I thought, lol. I’m just glad the dog was rescued…hopefully they can find who was responsible for starving it like that. Won’t undo what was done, but.

      • Froth away my friend, froth away.

        That’s exactly it! People care more about what the Kardashians are up to than what our government, politicians, NRA Al Queda and the Christian Taliban are doing.

        They care more about who wins American Idol than who they are voting into office. They care more about buying expensive fashions and material objects than standing up to Big Aggra, Monsanto, and Big Oil.

        They also have no idea that when they donate money to research, like breast cancer, that means some where, locked in a lab, animals are SUFFERING. The last thing humans need is a cure — we need to start thinning the herd.

        If you’re not working to change your ways. Working to fix our environmental issues and work to stop animal exploitation as well as the senseless murder of animals (In 30 years elephants and rhinos will be extinct and our oceans will be dead) then get the fuck off the planet, you don’t deserve to be here.

        As I often say, most people prefer to live in some kind of marshmallow world than face the reality that humans are a fucking plague to the planet and its non-human inhabitants.

        Ooops, see, now you’ve got me all frothy. LOL!


  2. Hey, nothing wrong with froth. froth. We have to work these tensions out somehow, right?

    Goddamn though, humans are frustrating. We can apply our intellects to deciphering the very fabric of the universe, yet culturally it’s the Kardashians. And Monsanto…ugh. The food industry, as envisioned by Darth Vader. Those geneticists that work for them should be fucking ashamed of themselves. They study how life itself works, figure it out, and THAT’S what they do with the knowledge? They’re worse than the executives in my eyes. Nobody expects them to do the right thing because they’re blinded by ambition and shiny objects. People of science and intelligence, though, I hold to a higher standard. They should know better. Oppenheimer did; one mushroom cloud, and he realized he’d created something horrible. No doubt he was blinded himself by ambition before that, and maybe even patriotic idealism, but when he really saw it, he knew. Anyone with intelligence would, just like those geneticists see, and yet they do it anyway. You can’t be smart enough to be able to literally program life and yet not see the ramifications.

    Aside from that, all I can say is that it speaks a lot of us as a society that he haven’t just mobbed up and stormed the castle, so to speak. I want to be wrong, but it seems like that’s what it’ll take. And yes, life is definitely a privilege, not a right, and those who aren’t willing to do their part are working to ruin it even for those who are. So much entitlement.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me froth some.

    • Yes we do. Ha-Ha!

      Indeed, humans are frustrating and froth any time. If it wasn’t for the fact I’m going through a rough patch right now, I’d have more to say. Unfortunately, I’m drained. 😦

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