Rose McCoy – A 12 Year Old Crusader of Animals

Check  out this awesome story about Rose McCoy, who fights for the rights of animals while choosing a kinder, more compassionate lifestyle.

Rock on Rose!  




She rescued chicks from a school egg/chick “study” and brought them to a sanctuary. She then wrote letters (and had fellow students sign on) to the teacher and principal to discourage future egg/chick studies at school.

She started an animal rights club in grade school to talk with fellow students about various animal issues during lunch and recess.

She encouraged her teacher to go vegan (she’s still vegan and loving it!)

She spoke for animals at the McDonald’s shareholders meeting regarding Controlled Atmosphere Killing.

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SOURCE:  The Kind Life  

2 thoughts on “Rose McCoy – A 12 Year Old Crusader of Animals

  1. What an awesome kid. Glad she rescued those chicks, and I agree with her on ending the “studies”. They’re creatures, not textbooks. They aren’t meant for us to “study”.

    Clearly another Amanda Lollar in the making.

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