Just Another Weary Monday

Lucky me, I slept like shit last night – flipping and flopping in bed like a fresh caught salmon, driving my cats crazy.  The main reason I slept so poorly is due to my aching IT band on the left and inexplicable hip pain on the right.  Every time I rolled over on my left, I’d wake up moaning in pain; rolling onto my right was more of the same (and I’m a side sleeper, not back or stomach sleeper, mkay?). In turn,  I was forced to lie on my back, which for some unexplained reason, caused my right arm to go numb, forcing me to sit up and shake my arm out until the pins and needles stopped.  I would then lie back down, fall asleep only to wake up and repeat the process.  Additionally, my cat Sammy was hogging my pillow, that’s right I said my pillow, not the empty one next to me.  Also, at one point during the night I woke up to someone snoring. It was my Maine Coon cat Buddy, or at least I think it was him — it could have been me.

At 5:00 a.m. I finally sat up in bed to meet the gaze of 5 felines all staring back at me as if to say, “What????”.  I also noticed there were socks on my teeth and I couldn’t help but wonder how they got there. Normally when I wake up with socks on my teeth is the byproduct from a night of a heaving drinking (or even light drinking) and there’s usually tequila or scotch involved.  As far as I can remember I didn’t have so much as a sip of alcohol last night. Hmm, maybe I should have…

At 5:15 I decided to check my email so I rolled over to grab my iPhone off the bedside table, lost my grip and dropped the phone onto the floor. Stretching down to pick it up I moaned out loud from the pain in my right hip.  With phone in hand, I noticed there was an email from the funnies person I know.  I read his email and guffawed out loud while wiping the tears from my eyes.  Nothing like a funny email to put a smile on your face after a rough night of not sleeping (keep it clean people).

Today I will be working out of our Rhode Island office as that is where my boss will be.  Yep that’s right, I follow my boss — where she goes, I go.  To be honest, I love it when she works out of our RI location because that commute is only 20 minutes  versus the hour door-to-door commute I have into Boston.   Plus I’ll have my car, well actually, I drive a truck. Yep, that’s right GiRRL_Earth/Girl for Animal Liberation drives a BIG ASS GAS GUZZLING Dodge Ram Big Horn Quad Cab truck… that’s why I bought a house walking distance to the train station so I can walk and leave the beast in the driveway.

It’s 7:30 a.m. and I’m still home, typing on my laptop. If this was a Boston work day, I would be on the train right now. Ahhhhhhhhhhh bliss. It’s the little things in life, right?

Something else that cheered me up this morning was a notification from  iTunes that the first episode of Mad Men Season 6 is ready for download.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahooooooooooooooo!  Ok now, don’t spoil it for me.  I cannot wait to see what Don is up to. Did he take the bait from the advances of that girl in the bar (from the ending scene in Season 5) and bend her over a chair or did he remain loyal to his wife (who I cannot stand)??????……  What about Joan, did she rock some seriously tight shift dress? As my co-worker L says, “Joan knows where all the bodies are burried.” Indeed she does, L.  Joan is my hero! Ahhhh and then there’s Peggy, the girl playing in the men’s locker room.   I’ve worked for executives like her — she’s well on her way to becoming the female version of Don Draper.  Oh and let’s not forget Roger Sterling, puurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr — he can slam me up against a coat room wall ANYTIME.  OMG!!  Those silver/blue/green eyes, that white/silver hair, I mean c’mon ladies (and men) what’s not to love about Roger (fucking) Sterling?  Be still my beating heart.   🙂

Well it’s 7:16 — I suppose I should hop in the shower and get all glamorous for another day in the trenches.

And remember: “Dress shabbily they notice the dress. Dress impeccably they notice the woman.”  – Coco Chanel

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