4 thoughts on “‘Unusual mortality event’ is declared for the California sea lion

  1. I read this in the LA Times recently. The local San Diego media tends to take a “look how great Sea World is for rescuing these pups” view or slants the story as funny (a sea lion pup hopped into someone’s car or pool). I really hope the unusual mortality event designation allows more resources to be given (quickly) to rescue/rehabilitation and research of the “why.” BTW, everyday people actually give a damn about the sea lions and go to great lengths to get rescuers to their aid. Now if only that kindness could be extended to other animals…

    • Howdy!
      It’s interesting, other people have told me the very same — that media is making it seem like Sea World are a bunch of heroes. Clearly those idiots have never watched the documentary The Cove or bothered to educate themselves on The Sea Shepherds efforts to expose Japan’s slaughter of innocent dolphins.

      I’ve read a few sources that said the reason the pups are being abandoned is due to lack of food (like this article states) the mother sea lions need to travel further out in order to find food and one scientist blames over fishing.

      I’m glad to hear that people are trying to help these important animals and yes you’re right — if only everyone could extend this compassion for all animals like the ones they eat!

      BTW, have you been following the plight of wolves. Once they’re gone, it will only be a matter of time before everything is gone. We won’t live to see it, but someone will.

      Humans, well some humans really are a plague.


      • The wolf situation makes me really sad and angry. Kid #1 did a whole project in high school biology researching wolves, which culminated in him writing a letter to the governors of Montana and Colorado (I think he gave up on Alaska…) outlining non-lethal ways to allow ranchers to live in harmony with the wolves. He never received a reply, but I was so proud of him for doing the work and reaching his own conclusions (which, thankfully, dovetailed with mine!)

      • I’m so proud of him and I don’t even know you guys. Ha-Ha! That’s fantastic. If only more children took a vested interest in matters such as these. You’re a good mom!

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