2 thoughts on “Pink wisdom

  1. Wow, I was JUST saying this to someone else. Actually, I have a blog post still in Drafts about this. Or I think I do, anyway. I was just watching squirrels run around one day – we’re on the second floor and there’s a walkway outside, so they get really close – and when they get hot they just flop down on their bellies wherever they’re standing and rest, cool off for a second. It made me think that we humans don’t really allow ourselves to do that, though. Flopping down on your belly isn’t socially acceptable, and we’ll just neglect or even abuse ourselves until we get to some arbitrary stopping point rather than one that’s natural for us. And when they’re mad, they bark. When they like another squirrel, they chase each other around. No bullshit or pretense at all. For all the cities we’ve built and technology we’ve invented and everything else, we haven’t gotten even close to mastering the fine art of belly flopping on a whim.

    But no, yeah, WE’RE smarter.

    • Yeah, we’re smarter. LOL!

      I had a really good day yesterday – inspiring. I also felt free for the first time. I didn’t realize how toxic it was to keep a certain person in my life. I honestly don’t know how some people lie down at night knowing they are lying and deceiving those who are closest to them.

      Today I’ll be in Providence with my Harley Davidson Riding friends attending the Blessing of the Bikes. I’m looking forward to flopping my belly on the ground so-to-speak. Ha-Ha! It’s going to feel good to get out.

      I’ll cover more with you in an email. Have a good day today. I hope you’re feeling better.

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