A Farmer’s Change of Heart about His Chickens ~ Free From Harm

This a moving, non graphic video that tells the magnificent story of one farmer of caged egg laying chickens who apparently had a change of heart and released them to Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary in Australia. For the first time in their lives, the rescued chickens in this video are getting an opportunity to exhibit their natural behaviors. The video highlights some of the chicken’s most basic pleasures in life: stretching and flapping their wing, sunbathing, dustbathing, scratching in the earth and forming social bonds with others in their flock. The message here is simple and straightforward: chickens do not belong in cages. Their value is intrinsic and not monetary. The power to release them from their suffering is completely in our hands, … READ ON

SOURCE:  Free From Harm

3 thoughts on “A Farmer’s Change of Heart about His Chickens ~ Free From Harm

  1. This has now become my favorite video just to see those sweet hens walking around scratching the soil and stretching their wings was heart touching to see them build nests and actually get to lay eggs in private without fear of someone stealing them made me cry and at the end when they actually started following a human told me that they also forgave humans such a lovely heart touching story thanks for sharing it!

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