Mothers Scream for Babies

Every time you tuck into a glass of milk, a slice of pizza, cheese and crackers, ice cream, yogurt, I want you to think about these mother cows and the fact that in order for you to have milk or any milk based product THIS is what these mother cows must endure — having their new born babies taken from them! Drink up!

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Background | SourcePETA

Right this very moment, mothers are having their babies taken away from them just days after their infants are born.

The kidnapped babies will be sold to a violent, bloody industry, and after just a couple of weeks, they’ll be shipped to slaughter and have their throats slit!

This is how animals used for the dairy and veal industries will spend their Mother’s Day.

Let everyone know that every time they consume dairy products, they’re supporting an industry that steals babies from their moms and tortures them.Give these moms the ultimate Mother’s Day gift by spreading the word.

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5 thoughts on “Mothers Scream for Babies

  1. How could anyone still drink or even use milk or milk based products after seeing this video? Its absolutely heartbreaking top see those Mothers crying and chasing after their babies, and i cant even say what id like to do to those POS men who where pulling those babies by the legs and just dragging newborns like they where a sack of trash its revolting and infuriating! Id also like to add for those who may still drink or use milk that milk has ALOT of pus in it, its a disgusting fact and America allows more pus in its milk than anywhere lese in the world, its a fact just google it! So enjoy that pus filled milk made from animal suffering!!

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