Kilanguni: the Exceptional (tailless) Elephant

Fight for Rhinos

Sheldrick Wildlife Nursery Nairobi- Kilanguni arrived in horrific condition. His wounds were severe; his entire tail was bitten off, bite sized chunks were taken out of his ears, and his back legs were wounded. He had been attacked by the hyenas who had come to feast on his poached mother’s body.kilanguni ele bottle

At an age and time when most new orphans are frightened, traumatized and aggressive, Kilanguni was calm. He suckled on the fingers of the keepers for comfort and willingly took to the bottles offered him, as well as patiently enduring treatment for his wounds. Kilanguni was a gentle, loving and obviously exceptional elephant.

He quickly joined the other orphans in the Nursery. They surrounded him, rumbling and gently touching him, making him a part of the family. They exhibited the usual compassion and empathy elephants are known for.

Kilanguni recovered and thrived at the Nursery, becoming an obvious standout…

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