Utah Leads the Pack of Anti-Wolf A-Holes

Exposing the Big Game

Before news of a full federal wolf delisting even came off the presses, anti-wolf assholes from the wolfless state of Utah are front and center, spouting their bullshit lines to the press. And the feeble-minded mainstream media are gobbling it up…

In an article just out entitled, “Feds want to remove gray wolf from endangered species list,” Salt Lake City’s Desert News opened with the cutesy lead-in: “Top Utah politicians are howling with delight over a federal proposal to remove the gray wolf from protections under the Endangered Species Act, while advocates are growling in disgust.”

Followed by a quote from Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, “I appreciate the Fish and Wildlife Service hearing our concerns and making this right decision…An unmanaged wolf population threatens livestock and native wildlife, and threatens our communities. I know that our wildlife managers in Utah and throughout the West are fully capable of managing the wolf populations in a way that benefits all.”

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