Ag-gag Marineland

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Former Marineland of Canada animal trainer Phil Demers worked at Marineland Ontario for 12 years.

    He was one of eight initial whistleblowers—since grown in number to 15—who told the Toronto Star newspaper last August that poor water conditions at the park had caused blindness and other health problems among seals, sea lions and dolphins.

    After speaking out, Demers and fellow-trainer Christine Santos were sued by Marineland owner John Holer for $1.5 million for voicing their concerns for the animals’ well-being.

    In a recent interview Demers describes conditions at Marineland that are essentially torturing the park’s animals.

    To follow the story and contribute to the cause of Devers and the other whistlblowers, go to the indiegogo/marinelandsite, and follow him on twitter @walruswhisperer.

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2 thoughts on “Ag-gag Marineland

  1. This is one of the most disturbing aspects in recent years – whistleblowers being silenced by big corporations, laws against people reporting on conditions on corporate farms, efforts by big agriculture to silence concerns on animal treatment, GMOs and the like. Scary – and interesting to see if the internet and spreading the word can counter act the money and power big agriculture has.

    • As an animal rights activists it disturbs me to hear that we are considered “Terrorists” in the eyes of Big Aggra, Corporations (like Monsanto) and even our Government and Law Enforcement.

      I speak out against the exploitation of animals, the voiceless, how does that make me a terrorist? This is why I always remind people of what MLK said, “Remember, everything Hitler did was legal.” And he’s right it was. If we turn a blind eye to what is happening to animals, then it stands to reason we will turn and are turning a blind eye to human exploitation.

      I follower a blogger called: Exposing the Big Game (you should check him out, you’d like his blog) and one woman commented and said the following, “It’s only a matter of time before they start lining us up for the gas chamber” and on some level, even if she said that tongue in cheek, she’s probably not too far off. I think she made this comment based on a post Exposing the Big Game had written on Nestle wanted to own all the water supplies.


      Incidentally, I sent you an email.


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