Guest Rant: It’s a Fucked Up World, Thanks to Humans

Exposing the Big Game

by Stephanie Theisen

Human society is doomed, I have come to that conclusion after many years, at least a couple of decades of watching the destruction of our planet for material objects, the extinction of Species because of human encroachment, overpopulation, development, invading and destroying natural habitats of other Earthlings with roads, housing tracts, malls, big box stores, mining, drilling, fracking, nuclear power, deforestation, hunting, over fishing our precious oceans & filling them with garbage, oil & radiation, poisoning our water supply & factory farming, all in the pursuit of money, cash, greed, redundancy intentional. I listen to people’s indifference, notice their apathy, lack of compassion for any other earthlings but their own, not even their own in many instances. Humans are famous for worshipping idols, royalty & celebrities, I find that repugnant, embarrassing & demeaning…. I wish humans would worship Mother Earth & Nature the way they do such…

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