What SeaWorld Doesn’t Want You to Know

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This is Lolita:

lolita capture

When she was a child, she was ripped from her ocean home in the waters off the coast of Washington state. This majestic animal, who once swam more than 100 miles a day alongside her family, was taken away from all that she knew and forced to live and perform in a tiny cement tank in Miami.

Dr. Terry Newby, a marine mammal expert who was present at Lolita’s capture, is haunted by her story and the chilling photographs that he took at the time of her capture.

After 42 years, Lolita, who has a remarkable will to survive, is still confined to a tiny cement tank and longing for her ocean home, where an orca thought to be her mother still thrives today and her family is protected under the Endangered Species Act. Help her now by learning the truth about Lolita’s capture and how 30…

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