“Killer” thinks I’m an alcoholic! LMFAO!!!!!

I love it when hunters stop by my blog to let me know how much they hate me because I am the voice of the voiceless.  “Killer”, as he (or she) likes to refer to himself is a hunter — he is pro-killing of animals.  He (or she) likes to lurk and comment on a fellow bloggers site:  Exposing the Big Game.   Evidently, Killer” thinks I am an alcoholic. LMFAO!!!!   I am not really sure how Killer surmised I am an alcoholic.  I guess he just didn’t get that the reason I am in therapy is because I was married to a pathological lying, cheating, narcissist — but no matter.  It’s all good.  I love it when hunters sling insults at me because it let’s me know I am getting to them.

This is what Killer had to say. Now I know I shouldn’t feed the Trolls but this is just too good to not share with my fellow animal rights bloggers.


So you are an alcoholic. That explains a lot. That explains why you are so conflicted, dishonest and angry. You need way more time with your therapist. I hope I see you around, then I can LMAO. Love and kisses, “BEAUTIFUL”

Based on my blog’s stats, Killer lives in Pleasant Hill, California and his ISP provider is Comcast. It would seem Killer has been lurking on my blog for some time now, well at least since August 17.

Everyone, let’s give Killer a big Dating Game sloppy wet kiss: SMOOOOOOOOCH!!!!!!


Girl for Animal Liberation.

21 thoughts on ““Killer” thinks I’m an alcoholic! LMFAO!!!!!

  1. All because you mention what brand vodka and beer on Gal’s Corner? You also mention what cleaning products and make up, is that supposed to mean that your a cleaning lady in to make up,or that your a makeup artist in to cleaning??Well just make sure you recycle,we would not want California “DILLWEED” to have a problem with that,because that could be a real nightmare!!!!”

  2. Nancy, GfAL also mentioned her wine preferences, so is not that great a stretch to conclude that she is an alcoholic. Why does she keep entering into toxic relationships? What need is she serving? GfAL, I live in Martinez, not Pleasant Hill. And? If you don’t want me to post on your site, start charging for access.

    • Dude – you are making some grand inferences here. Just because I list the type of wine I like does not an alcoholic make. What if I had listed my favorite vegan mouthwash, hairspray, lipstick, cooking oil? What would you surmise from those? That I’m addicted to looking good?

      Why do I keep entering into toxic relationships? LOL! Dude, here again, you need to catch up on your reading. I was with this man for almost 12 years!!!! What need am I serving? I serve the animals, the voiceless those who are murdered by the likes of you. That’s who I serve.

      Lastly, you could live in a convent for all I care.

      Comment away my friend, comment away. I love a good laugh and you seem to bring out the laughter in me so rock on with your bad self.


    • hey. i have guns. i live on the edge of the desert. and there are the occasional soul-less demented whacko pseudo-humans about. but i don’t “have to kill.” there is a profound vacuum in some misguided person’s make-up which explains a lot. to “fill” that vacuum, one could start trying to make the whirled a better place. or .. lacking a righteous upbringing, and/or the innate intelligence to begin to recognize right from wrong, a person may think that “killing” would fill that deep hole in one’s psyche. and, so what if one is an alcoholic or not? you’re grasping, quite unsuccessfully, at straws .

      • Hey Betunada! I couldn’t agree with you more — he is defintely grasping, quite unsuccessfully, at straws. He’s just pissed off because his friend died in a hunting accident and ExposingTheBigGame blogged about the story basically saying, “good riddance” and then a bunch of us commented on the post that we didn’t care that the man died in a hunting accident — serves him right. So his friend, who so eloquently referred to himself as “Killer” commented saying we were heartless because the man who died is his friend and he left behind a wife and kid.

        the blogger: ExposingTheBigGame is an animal lover and is against hunting — essentially the premise of his blog. I don’t know why “Killer” who is a self-proclaimed hunter would expect remorse from us when we are animal rights activists and against hunting. If “Killer” doesn’t like the comments we make to ExposingTheBigGame’s posts, then don’t lurk on his blog or mine for that matter. Clearly the man has too much time on his hands. I think Nancy is right, the man probably resides at Martinez Corrections Facility (which would explain his ample free time).

      • The mighty Betunada, smacking down the pseudo-humans. Well done, sir.

        And when you have very small hands, straws are all that you can grasp. And yeah, internet-diagnosing alcoholism from the admission that one has tried more than one type of wine over the course of one’s entire life is the very definition of straw grasping.

        Girl: I love Rex Goliath’s pinot noir. It’s like five bucks and you can get it at Walmart. I also only drink it maybe twice a year. And yet I have a OMG PREFERENCE, so I guess I’m an alcoholic too.

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