Hello vegan, are you being counted?

Of Course Vegan

A new initiative by vegan blogger Holly Piggot is getting a lot of media attention over the past 48 hours after she announced a plan to count international vegans and map out demographics of the cruelty-free society that exists in today’s world. Dubbed the “Big Count Survey,” Piggot hopes to get information on vegans worldwide in order to help deliver better statistics.

While the survey is in no way scientific or all-inclusive, it is a great initiative that will help do some mapping out of where vegans, especially those active online, live and work.

Now, Piggot, the creator of @TheAllAnimalVegan blog is attempting to track international vegan statistics through her online survey The Big Count.

The London-based animal lover not only aims to count the international vegan population, but she’s also attempting to map out the group’s age, gender, and geographic location demographics, as well as find out what the…

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