Third Fur Farm Raid in One Month: 2,000 Mink Released in Illinois

Earth First! Newswire

by Peter Young / Animal Liberation Frontline

Local media is reporting 2,000 mink were released on August 14th from a fur farm in Morris, Illinois. Police state they received a call at 5am on August 14th from the farm owned by Bob Dodeghero. 2,000 mink had been released, two trucks had been doused with paint stripper, and a barn had been spray painted with “Liberation is love.”

The farm is one of the smallest mink farms in the country. A farm of its size (as shown in the photo below) is typical of a farm that can hold somewhere in the range of 2,000 animals, making it likely that every animal was freed.

The ALF’s “freedom summer” continues

This is the 6th major US action of the summer, which has seen a horse slaughterhouse arson, two releases of birds from game farms, and three releases of animals from fur farms.

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2 thoughts on “Third Fur Farm Raid in One Month: 2,000 Mink Released in Illinois

  1. I strongly oppose minkfarming (we still have a few in Sweden, although they are closing one by one). I do not however condone releasing the animals from the cages, based on experience by militant groups in Sweden, setting all the animals free. These minks are farm-bred, dependant on humans for food and water and DOES NOT survive in the wild.
    The only way to close these farms of death lies in the hands of us – the consumers, and the authoritites. In Sweden laws have been changed, demanding bigger cages, the possibility of entertainment and normal life-like surroundings like fx to be able to swim in water. These changes have had great impact on esp. small-scale farmers who cannot afford the economic impact of these new changes.
    Minks who are simply released in to the wild face a gruesome future of either starving to death, become run over by traffic or killed by other predators.

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