Welcome to “What the Fuck Week”

Exposing the Big Game

What the fuck’s going on with humans’ cruel and sadistic treatment of animals these days? Has the world of man gone completely mad?

If you have the feeling there’s a kind of quickening—an acceleration of human evil—happening lately, you’re not alone. I’ve noticed it for a while now. From Sears carrying “I love wolf hunting” T-shirts to the Wildlife Services round up and gassing Canada geese, so many bizarre, shocking and downright malevolent deeds have come to light in the past few days that I hereby declare this “What the Fuck Week.” (WTFW will run from now until further notice.)

Early last evening the warm autumn air brought out a hatch of flying termites. Clumsy in flight, they lose their wings shortly after finding a suitable log or house to bore into. An entire industry was built around trying to exterminate them, when nature has long held the key to…

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to “What the Fuck Week”

  1. I read that on his blog a couple weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when he starts talking about the fucking Bear Grylls petition I wrote for Bat World. Quotes and everything.

    It actually makes me pretty uncomfortable thinking about it, although I’m still glad I did it. It just went out to so many people.

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