I need your help!

Dear followers,

I need your help.  I have created a new blog: http://myabandonedself.wordpress.com/ and I cannot figure out how to establish a password for this blog.  The only way I can access this new blog is by logging into my primary blog: GirlforAnimalLiberation.  Unfortunately, if I want to reblog or comment on other posts as: *MyAbandonedSelf* it doesn’t work — any time I reblog or comment is appears from GfAL.  ARG! What am I doing wrong????

I tried going to the WordPress home screen and logging in as MyAbandonedSelf and then selecting: change password but it will not allow me, it comes up as an error saying the account doesn’t exist.

Does anyone have any idea how I create a log-in for this new blog?


5 thoughts on “I need your help!

  1. Thanks for asking. It is simple. follow the steps.

    1. Create a new email id Probably with the same name you wish to comment as. else other also could do.
    2. Then log on to your the blog http://myabandonedself.wordpress.com/ and in the dashboard you can see the option “User – > Invite new” in the left control panel. enter the email id you have created and send a request to it.
    3. Go to the email inbox and accept by clicking the link wordpress sent you.
    4. That’s it. Done. You can write & post as the author “My abandoned self”

    5. If you wish to comment to the readers as “My abandoned self” then, create a new username here https://signup.wordpress.com/signup/ using the email id you have created.

    Note : You should skip the blog address by selcting the option “If you don’t want a blog you can signup for just a username.” next to the blog address.

    That’s all you can login using this id whenever you want to comment as “My abandoned self”, but you can post as any other irrespective of your login.

    Hope it helps you! 🙂 Kindly ask if you find any difficulty in this.


    • Hi Din,
      Herein lies the problem, I am unable to log into the myabandonedself blog. I can only log into GfAl. When I created my abandonedself, I was logged in as GfAL. You know how when you’re logged into your blog there is the option screen to create a new blog? Well that’s what I did. I was already logged in as GfAL when I created MAS. If I go to the WP log in screen and type: myabandonedself I do not have a password. How do I go about setting up a password for MAS?
      So frustrating.

  2. When you create the new WP user ID for MAS, it should ask you for a password. It’s the user that has a password, not the blog. You are like two different people now: the GfAL user owns two blogs and the MAS user doesn’t own any but can edit the MAS blog. I did something similar – I created a second blog for my daughter’s artwork and sent her an invitation to be a user (administrator level). But before she could do anything herself, she had to set up her own WP user profile.

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