Rats Used at Haunted House Need Your Voice

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Scandia—a “family fun” center in Ontario, California—reportedly uses live rats as “props” at its annual haunted house event, which runs from September 27 to November 2. According to attendees, Scandia keeps some rats caged beneath fog machines, while others are carried by employees who shove them into the faces of screaming patrons. Rats are highly intelligent animals who are extremely sensitive to noise, vibrations, and lighting—and being subjected to the chaos that is commonplace at fright attractions, without means of escape or defense, is pure torture for them. PETA has implored the owners to end their use of rats, but to no apparent avail. We need your help now!

Let Scandia Sports, Inc., know that it’s cruel to use rats as props, and ask the company to stop doing so! Then, please spread this alert far and wide.


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