Exposing the Big Game

Action Alert from Project Coyote:

Wolves need our help! A war continues against endangered wolves across the United States, a war that will gain deadly momentum if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (FWS) proposal to remove federal protection for gray wolves is approved.
On October 23rd this depraved photograph was posted on the Facebook page of an anti-wolf group- Sportsmen Against Wolves.

 Wolf killers WY masked hunters

When I saw such brutal violence against our wildlife I had to speak out. I wrote this blog on Huffington Post The War Against Wolves and Wildlife: Time to Stop the Killing to expose this increasing anti-wolf and predator zealotry and to encourage people to speak out for wolves and against delisting. This photograph and the many comments posted supporting such cruel violence make it clear: safeguards for wolves must be maintained and enhanced.
The FWS’ proposal to remove federal protections for wolves has inadequately considered…

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  1. I Just wish that people would stop killing all animals. I’m receiving so many e-mails every day in regard to this and it is making me feel very ill. All these animals belong to GOD’s kingdom and should be loved and looked after with respect. These people that are doing the killing are going to suffer in the near future. PLEASE STOP NOW!!!

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