Meet your Angora Sweater.

The next time you buy something made with Angora, think of these helpless animals! Their fur is ripped from their bodies while they are alive. These poor helpless animals scream out in pain. When was the last time you heard a rabbit scream?

I never have, until now…


Imagine having your hair ripped out.

19 thoughts on “Meet your Angora Sweater.

  1. This has made me so sick to my stomach. Why can’t this cruelty be stopped now!!! PLEASE, PLEASE SOMEONE STOP THEM. All these animals come from GOD & I know these people will be punished one day for doing this to these helpless animals. PLEASE, I BEG YOU!!!

    • This message is from my husband, Granville Arseneault. His e-mail account is: He feels the same way that I do about this horrific torture. He said that there has to be an easier way to do this so that the rabbits don’t have to suffer like this. This is so inhumane for these helpless animals. He said that all the creatures belong to GOD & that these people (if you can call them that,) that torture like this to the animals will someday be punished very severely for this. Someone has to put a stop to this right NOW.

  2. I just took an angora sweater I received as a Christmas gift back to The Bay and told them why I was returning it, because of the horrific torture inflicted on these poor animals. The sales person had no idea who I could contact to ask the Bay to stop selling angora and why. I have emailed through their website but have no idea if I will get a response. I have also been unable to stop thinking about the horrible abuse I saw on the video.

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