The Ultimate Pillow Fight

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How do down feathers often make it into pillows, comforters, and jackets?



Terrified, screaming birds are grabbed by their wings and pinned by their necks as workers painfully tear their feathers from their bodies, often leaving gaping wounds that are sewn shut without any pain relief.

Down is used for pillows, bedding, coats, camping equipment, and more–but it’s super-easy to avoid by always choosing cruelty-free down alternatives!

Want to do more to help? Share our new “Down Industry in 60 Seconds” video with your friends, family, and everyone else you know and urge them to be down-free!

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One thought on “The Ultimate Pillow Fight

  1. This is so cruel. This abuse to animals should be stopped as of RIGHT NOW!!! Again I say, these animals, all animals, belong to GOD & anyone who abuses them in any way is going to suffer plenty when they meet their MAKER!!! PLEASE, SOMEONE, PUT A STOP TO THIS OUTRAGES CRUEL NOW!!!

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