Why are vegetarians so annoying?

Center for Advanced Hindsight

vegetarian2 (1)When I meet someone new, I’m pretty open in the first “getting to know you” conversations. I’ll freely offer up information about my career, hobbies, reality TV preferences, and even my sexuality. But there is one topic I avoid discussing for as long as I can get away with — I’m vegan.

It might happen when I turn down a bite of birthday cake for the third time or have trouble mustering interest in going to a restaurant whose sole vegan option is a deflated pile of aging lettuce, but eventually, it comes out. If I’m lucky, reactions are something like, “You’re missing out on so much!” or, “Good for you, but I could never give up bacon.” Other times, though, their face darkens and the inquisition begins: Why are you doing that? Aren’t you worried about getting enough protein? If I paid you twenty dollars, would you eat this…

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7 thoughts on “Why are vegetarians so annoying?

  1. I read a comment on the Center for Advanced Thought from someone who said he used to be a veg, but now he’s a social eater — something I’ve never heard of before. I haven’t eaten any meat since 1970 and am trying to cut out all animal products, I have had people be really mean and sarcastic to me about the whole not killing animals topic. I usually just figure that I will never have them as friends and not waste my breath except to agree with them they make some comment that I must think I’m so superior to them, I admit, I do agree 🙂

    • HaaaHaaa!

      You know it’s funny — I try and keep my vegan choice on the down-low when I’m out in social situations, especially if I do not know the group very well. The reason is the minute someone announces, “Susan’s a vegan!” the onslaught of stupid “What if” questions ensue: What if you were stranded on a deserted island? Would you eat meat then? Or they say, “I used to know someone who was a vegan but he/she got really sick and had to go back to eating meat.”

      It ceases to amaze me how *threatened* people become due to my dietary choice to eat a kind diet and lead a kind life.

      The minute I try and educate people on factory farming practices (organic or not), dairy farms etc… they throw up their arms in protest and say, “I don’t want to hear it.”

      When non-vegans accuse me of being “superior” I laugh and say, “Seeing as only 1% of the population is vegan doesn’t it stand to reason that you are superior? Unless you mean I’m morally superior and in that case – no I don’t think I am *morally superior* however, I am content knowing that I am no contributing to the suffering of sentient beings.”


      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

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